Pastor’s Conferences

Three times each year Mission Barnabas facilitates conferences at CMLTI for pastors and church leaders.  These conferences are the backbone of the ministry in Kenya.  CMLTI hosts 500-800 at each conference, plus 15-30 guests from the US for 5 days of training and resourcing leaders who desperately need encouragement and provision.  Pastors are given more than 25 hours of teaching in addition to study books, bibles, notes, software, audio training and more.  Each conference sees pastors from the neediest areas given motorcycles, sound systems and computers to assist them in their calling.  These conferences produce life changing results for years to come both in the life of the pastor and the community he leads.

East African Pastors Summit

In the wake of violence in Kenya following the 2008 elections, Mission Barnabas hosted the East African Pastors Summit with more than 4,000 pastors attending from 9 different African nations.  This 2 day summit began the healing process for a nation and brought a level of unity to the church that had been not seen before.   Held again in 2012 and with plans for a 3rd summit in the near future, this gathering of church leaders is the largest of its kind in this part of the world.  Training, resources, and a chance to present a unified message from the church to Africa are what the East Africa Pastors Summit is all about!

Regional Meetings

Not every pastor has the resources to travel to Nairobi to attend one of the major conferences and so Mission Barnabas travels to them.  Each year there are more than a dozen 1-2 day training events throughout the East African region.   These “mini-conferences” include the same type of training, resources and speakers just on a slightly smaller scale.  Pastors and leaders in remote areas are able to gain an experience seldom or never offered in their area.

Marriage Conferences

One of the biggest areas of need in Africa is ministry to the marriage and family.  Every other year Mission Barnabas brings 150 pastors and their spouses to CMLTI for 5 days of training on marriage and family.  But that is just the start.  These couples are blessed with gifts and brought together in ways they didn’t think possible.  Hundreds of testimonies report that broken relationships are healed and whole communities changed as a result.

Youth Conferences

Every Summer CMLTI turns into a wild teen camp with 800 young people packed in for a week of crazy fun and life changing moments.  Pastors and leaders in the Mission Barnabas network bring their teenagers while guests speakers and artists minister the life-changing truth in a relevant way.  Teens walk away from lives of drugs and prostitution and into life more abundant.  You have to see it to believe it!

Accelerate Professional Seminars

One of the most recent initiatives for Mission Barnabas is to bring cutting edge training and resources to African business leaders. These one day seminars throughout the year feature training from top U.S. business leaders.  The goal of Accelerate is to create a network of Christian professionals in Nairobi dedicated to partnering with the local church to help resource the advancement of the Kingdom in their nation.