The backbone of the ministry of Mission Barnabas is putting valuable resources into the hands of pastors who cannot afford to purchase them or in most cases; the resources simply are not available.  Thousands of dollars worth of Bibles, concordances, study books, sound systems, computers and other resources are shipped from the US every year and distributed to pastors in need.  These tools are then used to advance the Kingdom in extraordinary ways.

School of Leadership Development

The School of Leadership Development is a four year school comprised of one hundred core lessons that equips pastors to lead. The lessons are written by a team of seasoned pastors and teachers and are edited for cultural sensitivity then translated into Swahili and taught to the pastors.  Mission Barnabas in partnership with Nations Training Institute facilitates 20 schools across Kenya, Uganda and Botswana.

Pastor’s Network:

Since 1977 the Matheny family has been building relationships with the pastors of Kenya and surrounding nations.  Today Mission Barnabas has a network of over 10,000 pastors in East Africa.  Pastors from every tribe and denomination in Kenya have been impacted by the ministry.  This fosters a unity and strength not before experienced by the church that is truly unique and powerful.

Humanitarian Efforts

Because of the extensive connections and relationships that Mission Barnabas has with churches and groups in the US, there are often opportunities to match resources with needs.  The goal in every outreach is to use the network of churches built to bring the ministry from the hand of the local church, not from the West.  Water wells, dental and medical clinics, food and clothing distribution and other efforts are exciting ways to empower local pastors to bring the gospel to their communities.