MB Flt 2018 (1)


2016 Kicks-Off our #500for50 Campaign

Here is the Scoop:

  • 2018 will mark 50 years that the Matheny Family has been ministering in Kenya.
  • The past 50 years have been busy including over 70 conferences held, dozens of regional and specialty conferences facilitated,  tens of thousands of books and resources distributed and a training campus built and growing.
  • Our vision is to celebrate 2018 by completing 3 major initiatives.  Finish building the 2nd dormitory (adding hundreds of beds) + Build a library and media building (already have hundreds of library quality books) + Have a university in operation possibly offering accredited diplomas (affordable and doable for the African pastor)

Many times we are so amazed at how effective the ministry to pastors has been and how many leader’s lives and ministries have been changed, affected and taken to the next level. We have literally seen thousands of leaders touched and changed. However, we sense that we are about to reach critical mass and exponential growth.  To accommodate this, our campus needs to be finished!

What if we could have conferences for 1,000 – 1,500 leaders versus 600 -800? We now have in place much of what would be needed to train larger numbers: a 1,000+ seat pavilion; a dining hall that can serve 1,500; shower/toilet building for overflow demands; 13 acres; guest house accommodations and a dedicated and serving staff. All that is lacking is more places for sleeping accommodations and we could double our effectiveness.

To accomplish this 3 year vision, we shared at the banquet our largest challenge to date. The projected cost to accomplish these projects over the next 3 years is only $500,000.00. In the past our yearly projects (over and beyond regular ministry expenses) has fallen in the $60,000-$90,000.00 range. To reach our goal in the 3 years, we have calculated the next 3 years into yearly challenges of $140,000.00; $160,000.00; and $200,000.00.

What does this mean? It means we all must go to the next level in our faith, giving and working to meet this challenge.  These amounts are way beyond what we have done in the past years and in the natural is way over our heads! God will need to do several miracles, and I know he will.

We need all of our supporters to begin to believe with us and seek God on how to help us meet this challenge. Some are considering donating stock to MB. Some may want to have a building built in the name of a loved one. Maybe your pastor or church would like to get in on this and you could be a conduit to helping connect us to more pastors and churches. Who can you bring with you to the banquet next year to help us enlarge the borders of our tents? What fund raising projects could you initiate? We believe that we all can watch this happen before our eyes in the next 3 years. #500for50!!

Would you start sharing this hash tag throughout the year when appropriate? Let’s pray it down, talk it up and pay it forward and start taking leaps rather than steps in changing East Africa!!