2017 Sept Update

Greetings and Salutations,

For those of you who have not heard, we have been waiting for the government to ‘gazette’ our property for use to build the next leg of the railway system in Kenya. Within the past couple of weeks the railway officials have been to CMM and took full measurements of the land and buildings as well as regularly taking of pictures and putting survey stakes throughout our property.  Also an article last week in one of the Kenya

newspapers strongly suggested that property owners in the path of the train would be gazetted by the end of the month. 

Making plans for all that might be affected over the next few months is difficult to do until CMM officially appears in the Kenya Law Gazette, at which time the government owns our property. We have not been able to wait on making some decisions that are affected by when Debbie and I would return to Kenya. We are in Texas at the moment and are ready to leave within a few days after CMM is gazetted.

Mission Barnabas Banquet

One of those decisions is the Mission Barnabas Annual Banquet. We have decided to postpone the banquet to January 30,2018 as the chances that we will be in Kenya making the move to a new place seem imminent. We are planning to live stream a “virtual banquet” the first week of November from Kenya (15 minutes). We will also be posting regularly as this should set many gears in motion.


Possible New Home

We have located 15 acres of beautiful property that may become the future home of CMM. We are doing all the due diligence now in preparing to secure it once we are gazetted. The land is ready for us to begin building as soon as we have been compensated for our current land and property. If this is the place God has for us then once you see the pictures and live stream you may need to be sitting down as you will be overwhelmed!!


Kenya in Chaos

If you are following the Presidential Election in Kenya last month, then you are aware that the election was nullified and has been rescheduled for October 17. Since then there has been non-stop upheaval and chaos. We have doubts that the nation will be able to actually have the election again in a month. There are so many power plays, political turmoil and tension happening and one of several scenarios could play out which could take several months to resolve. However, we know that God is greater than any government, nation, political parties, etc. No matter what comes or goes, CMM will be there to help the pastor, church leaders and the church.

This chaos may slow our situation down but it will not prevent it from happening as the funding for the railway is being provided by China and much of the labor as well. The next leg of the rail system has already started and the funds from China are in place to begin compensation. So while it may slow the pace we believe that the rail line will be done.


Due to all the upcoming changes and preparations for those changes, there are so many decisions and things to be done for the transfer of our property, purchase of new property, plans for building, and moving (staff/equipment, etc.) Our plate is full as we work in several different areas to prepare for this venture. We are asking for prayers for our team: favor, wisdom, direction and anointing.  Please continue to lift up Kenya and the scheduled October 17 re-election. 

I felt strongly this past week while praying about all of the above that we need those who support this vision to begin to step up their prayers for us and CMM as the next few weeks are so critical.

Would you commit to adding a little more time when you think about the work in Kenya and stand with us in midst of so much activity that needs the touch of God?

Thank You for Standing with Us!

Ronnie and Debbie