2020 Kicks Off and There is Much to do!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2020

2020 Kicks Off and There is Much to do!

First Things First

I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2020! My prayer for you is the 9 verses of the 20th chapter of Psalms, especially verse 4: “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Let’s claim the entire chapter for 2020!

We have been and are praying for the judge (Justice ChaCha Mwita) who is in the process of writing his ruling on our pending award of the funds for the taking of the property of CMM. From our last meeting in court concerning this, we strongly feel and believe that the ruling will be in our favor and no more delays. However, we are not leaving anything to chance and are asking you to help us push this across the finish line. Will you pray for and call out the name of the judge before the Lord as many times as you remember between now and January 31st? We believe these days right now are so important as writing this ruling is a big deal and takes time and we believe these are the days to ask God to anoint Judge Mwita and give CMM favor and to act with speed.

And the books keep coming!

Over the past few weeks we have been so blessed and amazed as so many books, computers and resources for the pastors are flowing in. These are coming from Africa as well as the States. Here are a few of the blessings:

+ A ministry in Kenya called us and told us they were needing to find a place to give several thousand theological and religius books that they had in their ministry. They delivered approximately 3500 great books, some classics, all boxed up to our storage facility!

+ Then Theological Famine Relief contacted us to see if we would like copies of a new book they were making available. I asked for 1,000 and they agreed. However, the recipient pays shipping unless you can pick them up. There are 4 locations around the globe and one of them just happens to be about 15 minutes from our storage facility. They have been picked up and ready for our next pastor’s meetings…no cost!

+ I was just recently informed by Wellspring Church that 17 boxes of brand-new Strong’s Concordances had been delivered to the warehouse. After we researched, we found out that these were given to CMM by a secret Santa!

+ A ministry in the DFW area delivered to the warehouse several pallets of study materials (all brand new) for the pastors and for Count Me In.

+ We also have the most CPU units, monitors, laptops and projectors we have ever had for one shipment!

+ We have enough resources in Texas at the moment to fill a sea container. I don’t believe God would give us so many resources unless He is preparing the place for them in Kenya!

3 Regional Meetings next month

We have shared that the vision in Kenya is to move forward whether we get our funds sooner or later. We are taking a step of faith and have planned 2 regional meetings in 2 parts of the country and our team will be assisting in a 2 day marriage seminar as well. We are expecting hundreds of pastors and leaders in the 2 regionals and many couples in the marriage seminar. Pastors have been calling and literally begging us to come. I have been planning to go over by myself for 2-3 weeks to do these meetings along with other business, but we have had confirmation that Debbie should go as well. We are both so excited to get back in the middle of ministry there, do what we are called to do and enjoy our family there. If the funds are released while we are there, then we will extend our trip as there are many projects sitting on ready for us to start and make decisions on. At present we will be in Kenya Feb. 11-28.

Continue to watch this channel for wonderful updates! We believe that 2020 will be a great year of fulfilled expectations and expanded opportunities!

Ronnie and Debbie