Yes, the Train is Still Coming!

Greetings dear Friends and Family!

As you are aware we have been in a holding pattern until it is official that the government “gazettes” our property. Once that happens then things begin to move with much greater speed.

This past week 14 officials from the railway, SGR and the Chinese construction firm came out to CMM. The officials present were the KR Program Director for Special Projects, the SGR Project Manager, the head engineer of the SGR Project, 2 KR board members, 4 top Chinese from CCCC and 4 other key staff. They came to visit, see all of our buildings and property, update us on what happens next and reconfirm the train is running directly through all 13 and a half acres of CMM. Our team gave the group a tour of all the buildings and explained our ministry. They also gave each person an ESV Study Bible, including the Chinese.

Who knows what these Bibles in their hands could lead to!

The head engineer is preparing an official letter from the Kenya Railways to CMM confirming that our land will be taken. The official gazetting is soon to follow. The bottom line (according to their projections) is that by the end of November, first of December the next phase (gazetting, evaluations, negotiations and compensation) will happen in December/January. They plan to “fast track” our process due to the fact we are an institution. They are hoping they can begin working on our land by February which means we would be out before then.

We are asking for your continued prayers. Once we appear in the Kenya Law Gazette, within 2-3 weeks we will be at the table with all the main players to determine the amount for compensation. We believe God will give us favor. Once compensation is settled, shortly afterwards we should receive agreed upon amount. At that point we will then be moving and starting over with building.

Debbie and I are returning to Kenya on November 14 th . If all goes according to these projections then we will return to Texas just before the January 30th banquet with amazing testimonies, miracles and pictures of where we are going and what the future looks like. It will be the first time in our family to not be together at Christmas but what will follow will make it all worth-while. (Probably means leaving bigger gifts than normal for kids and grandkids and much FaceTime).

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What’s Next?

Every year November and December are fundraising months for Mission Barnabas and the work in Kenya. Many of you pledge monthly which we are asking you to continue. However, during the banquet and then as we visit churches and groups that support MB, many give towards the projects and for the ministry of MB (shipping a sea container, purchasing concordances, travel and everyday ministry needs). This year we will not be presenting any building or construction projects, PTL! We still do however need to carry on the rest of the ministry of which the donations given during this season enable us to do that. So we are asking you to consider this next month: If you had planned to give at our annual banquet or before the year’s end would you send your donation by mail or go to our website and donate? 

 MB mailing address:

Mission Barnabas POB 820734 N. Richland Hills, TX 76182


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May the Lord enlarge the borders of your tent!! Asante Sana!!


Major Prayer Requests

Kenya will be holding a repeat of the August Presidential election this Wednesday, October 26. There is much turmoil at the moment and the country is on edge concerning this outcome. The nation seems to be a tender box at the moment and one spark could cause much chaos. Please move this up on your prayer list for a peaceful and safe election.


Important Dates/Events
Oct. 26th…..Kenya Elections
Jan. 30 th …..Mission Barnabas Banquet


Blessings to each of you and may the rest of 2017 be a blessed season for you, your family, your health, finances and all you set your hand to do.


Ronnie and Debbie


PS…After we arrive in Kenya and are gazetted we will hold a ‘Virtual Banquet’, (about 15 minutes) live streamed from the new place God is providing. Stay tuned.