A Hot Update for Summer

These past few months our journey with CMM/Kenya Railways/Compensation/Moving has resembled a roller coaster ride. None of us would have imagined all the issues, delays and such slow proceedings associated with the acquisition of our property. We are still waiting for release of our funds. Here is a summary of where we have been, where we are at now and where we are headed.

Sad news first:

We had an application before the court for the project (SGR) to be halted at our property until we were fully compensated. The court rejected that application due to the project being such a large, state project. However, the judge also decided to fast track our case. However, fast track in Kenya does not mean what we know as fast track in the US. On a positive note, all the money for our compensation has been released to the courts and is no longer with the government. Once our case is heard and completed, we will be paid and not have to wait on the government. Sadly, many of our neighbors have not been paid to date and their homes have been destroyed.

We had no choice but to quickly move out or be in contempt of court, thus allowing the construction company to demolish all our buildings. Presently, all the buildings at CMM have been demolished and the super bridge going through CMM has been completed.

We have released the majority of our staff. We have kept our Executive Staff and 3 others that we will need in the next few weeks. Due to funds from the construction allowing us to give them an early entry, we were able to give the staff we released a wonderful severance package along with many items we would not need going forward. These funds will provide for them for many months. Many of them were also able to salvage many materials from the buildings to either use or sell. They all left blessed.

The judge in our evaluation case set 4 days in July for hearings, however that was not enough time to finish. All courts are in recess for 6 weeks starting August 1 so our next hearings are set for September 16, 17, 18th.

The Good News:

During this past few weeks, we negotiated with the construction company for early entry on our property. Those funds, along with donations from CMM/MB supporters provided the money necessary to do all the moving, storage rental, moving costs, staff salaries, staff severance and money to pay towards lawyer, evaluator, auditor fees. This amounted to thousands of dollars and it all came together right when needed.

God provided a place for us to store all our beds, kitchen equipment, chairs, sound equipment, computers and 20,000 books. It is secure and dry. Along with the storage CMM has a place for its offices as well.

In our court hearings, we along with our lawyers feel that we not only are winning our case but winning by a big margin. Those challenging the validity of the amount of our award have as yet been unable to establish any place where it was overvalued. In fact, if things continue to proceed as they are, there is a real possibility that we could receive more than our award! I can’t go into all the details here, but we are extremely encouraged about how things are proceeding.

Within the last 2 weeks, we have had a divine intervention in our situation and from all indications it is about to bring about a great breakthrough. We are today waiting for a response from those challenging our claim and if it is what we have been told it should be, then we will have a great victory. There is so much that has happened
and so much to share and tell you. We have seen one miracle after another and are very confident that when this all is over, that we shall be blessed abundantly AND deep corruption would have been exposed!

What is next?
We believe that after the next court hearings in September we should have a ruling. However, if the negotiations/proposals in play now come about, the case would be “dropped” along with the paperwork to have the funds released. Our hope and feel are that by the end of September everything regarding this issue will be finished, finalized and payment received.

We are planning regional meetings in September with the pastors. We have 3 pieces of property that are ready for us to make an offer. Many books, laptops and resources continue to pour into the warehouse to be sent to Kenya. Debbie and I have been getting everything ready for a season of building, meetings, summits, conferences and opening the Bible college.

I can’t wait to give you a live update at the MB banquet on November 5th . I don’t know all the final details yet but just know it will be powerful and exciting. The things I can’t share here now, I will be able to share at the banquet. Please mark your calendar now so you won’t miss this one!

We could not continue to do what we have been doing and fighting the battles we have been this past year without the prayers, support and encouragement from you. We ask that you continue to pray for CMM and this situation as we have seen many prayers answered already. I’m convinced more now that I was 2 years ago that “God’s got this!”

Ronnie and Debbie