A Train Story

That was better than a great movie!” Diane Staats

“Let the train come!!! for it is time to move”  Fred K’Owuor

“I’m in shock…! Elvis Yitzakh

“What an example this is of God’s faithfulness!!! Karen Brassell

“Awesome story, awesome video, awesome testimony…and this is just the beginning!!” Marci Elliott

“Wow!!!  Finally #wehavethis    Elijah Ruto

“I love this. My, my, my. Look what God has done! “ Paula White



These comments are just a few after over 8,500 views and more than 50 shares (so far) of the video posted last Friday evening documenting the story of what has been happening with CMM and the upcoming move. The dominant theme in the comments is amazement, joy and testimony of what God has done. This whole story is nothing short of an incredible testament to God’s faithfulness, provision and His blessing us exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask are think. 

If you have not viewed this documentary as yet, please take a few minutes to be blown away at what God is doing in Kenya with CMM.  Click here to watch it now!

Our sincere thanks to Five Stone Creative that spent many hours in travel, filming, editing and doing such a fantastic job in sharing our story in this season of the CMM journey.


What’s next?

Now that we have been officially awarded the documentation of our compensation, we wait for the actual funds to be wired into our account. Once the funds arrive many actions will start, beginning with closing the purchase of the 15 acres for the new home of CMM. We will begin the process of tearing down our facilities in Rongai and packing and moving all our equipment, beds, furniture, etc. to store at our new property. We will finish the completion of the director’s home at CMM Limuru which should take about 6-8 weeks. The process of laying out the master plan and designing the new facilities has been underway for the last several weeks. We are hoping to have the architectural plans, contractors hired and the first shovel of dirt to be turned over the first part of July. We are working toward being able to have some functions in the first of the new buildings by late summer or early fall 2019. At the moment we tentatively plan to have the official dedication in March 2020!!


Keeping the main thing the main thing!

During this season of building we must keep the ongoing ministry of encouraging, equipping and empowering the pastors; continuing with conferences and regional meetings. We are going to do the conferences “old school” like Dad and Mom did it before there was a CMM facility. We will hold conferences in various facilities and places around East Africa during this time. The next conference being planned now is for August in the town where our family first started 50 years ago, Kitale, Kenya. This conference will be a Celebration Conference of 50 years in Kenya. We will be holding regional meetings throughout Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania during this building season. We are also working to open the Bible college in February 2019. We have found a place that will work for this and they are making a way for us to set up our library as well so that we can get this underway.



Debbie and I just returned from Kenya a few days ago. We will be sending out a sea container in a couple of weeks and then take some rest. Our plan is for me to return mid to late June to make sure our new home is ready and to move us in and then Debbie will arrive a few weeks later. We will return to the US just before the Mission Barnabas banquet. This year’s banquet is November 13th. You WILL NOT want to miss this one. Make sure you wear your dancing shoes!!


Thank you so much!!

Over the last few months the pressure and challenges has been some of the greatest we have personally had in our years of ministry. We asked for special prayers and support and you responded. We have literally felt the strength, comfort and love from the extra prayers that have been prayed for us. We also were able to meet the financial needs that became extreme during this time as you responded. This entire venture is one that we are ALL doing and making happen. We could NOT do this without the support from all of you. ASANTE SANA!! THANK YOU!!!

Ronnie and Debbie