CMM Funding Update

Our day in court to receive our ruling has been delayed. For the past 2 weeks the judge over our case, has been called to sit on a national duty matter as he is a member of the High Court and highly respected. As a result, all his cases have been delayed. His court will reopen this Monday, February 3rd and all cases that he has ruled on will have their rulings read on a day yet to be determined. That day should be within 2 weeks and hopefully we will be informed of that date after court reopens Monday. We were not excited to have another delay but from other information we have seen about these proceedings, this delay is legitimate and the way this is being handled encourages us that this is near a resolution that we believe is very positive for us. We believe this battle has been won in prayer and we will continue to praise God for its completion as we are not discouraged! God still has this !!

Back to Kenya!

Debbie and I depart on February 11th to return to Kenya for 2 ½ weeks. Our tickets are changeable as we believe our funding will happen therefore, we will stay longer. There is so much on ready to start our next season of rebuilding and we are ready get going. We are organizing 2 large regional meetings, one in western Kenya and one in eastern Kenya and ministering for 2 ½ days in a marriage seminar together with Crossing Boundaries Ministries. We are so excited about this and can’t wait to return. We ask for extra prayers for our travel that we will go and come virus free and that the latest plague of locusts (Biblical proportion) will not swarm near our meetings.

We could not and would not be able to survive the season we are in without each of you, your prayers, encouragement, support and giving. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! We believe that the ministry in Kenya will double in 2020…double, double!

Ronnie and Debbie