Happy Holidays!

We can’t begin to express how grateful we are for each of you and your love, encouragement and support. We would not be where we are today in this season and challenges without all of you. I trust and pray that during these holidays when we are giving thanks and enjoying all the many blessings and memories during this season, that each of you enjoy such wonderful and blessed holidays. We love and appreciate each of you and may we all enter 2020 with much hope, strength and renewed faith and passion for God’s work and plans for our lives and families! May God bless your health, finances, family, relationships and all you set your hand to do!

Where does CMM, MB and Ronnie and Debbie go from here?

After another setback and having our hopes of being paid quickly dashed, all the questions and challenges of what’s next reappeared: how do we proceed? will there be enough funds to sustain us as we wait? will more changes with staff be required? can we still do regionals and conferences, etc.?

After conferencing with our team after the long day and happenings in court, we learned it is customary for judges to take a several week period to write a ruling, especially if it is a very complex one with this amount of money being released. Also, the courts are closed between now and the middle of January. Another aspect of the delay was that the judge was not familiar with our case as he just learned of it that day. Even though pages of documents had been submitted weeks before to the court, they wait until the hearing before they look at the case. Since our compensation for taking land is the largest amount in the history of Kenya, everyone moves very slowly to make sure it is correct and valid. Being Americans and working through a different culture and systems is extremely difficult but we believe God’s grace is sufficient. This will end at some point and we shall be victorious even if it didn’t happen the way and in the time we thought. God still has this!

We also were encouraged that during the hearing the judge asked 3 times to all the lawyers, “whose money is this?” and confirming with the lawyer that had objections that the amount due CMM excluding the amount in dispute was the amount that belonged to CMM. The lawyer did acknowledge that that amount belonged to CMM. This coupled with a previous High Court ruling for our payment, we believe it is inevitable that the Jan. 31 ruling will be in our favor.

After catching our breath after such an emotional event, nothing from our previous plans and expectations have changed but only been setback by 2 months. We still have Plan A and Plan B and both of them will keep the vision alive even if we return to the way Mom did it before there was a CMM. We have developed an army of leaders in East Africa and the last 2 regionals meeting in the last 2 months have shown that CMM is alive and well and any momentum lost will be regained instantly.

So, we proceed, payment or no payment. We will stay with the last word we were given and at this point it has not changed. We will be having a regional meeting in December and then again in February and beyond. We will pay the staff until we can’t. We will gather pastors across Kenya for meetings, give away books and materials and encourage, equip and empower leaders.

We WILL receive our compensation at some point and we will push and press on even if we meet under a kaisha tree in Maasai land until funding comes. I don’t have all the answers of how all of this will transpire but I cannot deny that at every intersection over the past year when lack of funds met with needed expenses, God provided a miracle of provision. We were broke a few days before the banquet but after the banquet the buckets were filled again. These buckets should propel us until after the first of the year and possibly a few weeks into 2020. It will not surprise me if the oil does not run out until we are paid in early February. If for some reason it goes longer, then we do not stop until the oil runs out! As a note of interest, if you missed the banquet, it is ok to send in your donation that you would have given☺. Also, if you pledged, ‘To send later’, later will be here soon☺. Also, don’t forget about year-end giving. We are planning 2-3 regionals in February and I intend to be in Kenya for these. We are trusting God for this provision soon as we must start planning now for these meetings. Click here now to help us!

Wonderful Banquet!

Once again, we enjoyed such a wonderful banquet as we shared and updated everyone as to what all has been happening and what lies ahead. Having Joel and Pauline Chola along with so many pastors, our board members, friends and family made it a special evening. Special thanks to those that sponsored a table and all those who worked to make it such a great evening. Debbie and I left that evening with an overwhelming sense of being so loved and such a swell of support for what we have been walking through this past year. We left so encouraged.

2020 Mission Barnabas banquet: November 10th

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
Ronnie and Debbie