Land Compensation Update

It is hard to report on the current state of affairs in Kenya as they seem to change hourly. This year has been the most challenging and stressful year of ministry for Debbie and I but we believe it will also be one of our best before it is over! We are hanging onto what God gave us over a year ago…”I’ve Got This”….Jesus.

As I have mentioned in previous updates evil forces were at work in all the happenings with the railways and particularly land acquisitions. Over the past few months Kenya has undertaken a major crackdown on corruption within the government. Many agencies in the government as well as different individuals have been exposed with allegations of corruption. They have purposed to expose corruption no matter who it touches nor how high their office. 

We have seen and heard of possible corruption involving the National Land Commission, Ministry of Lands and the Kenya Railways in regard to the acquisition of lands for the new rail line. This past Saturday 14 key officials were arrested and will be charged in court on Monday with fraud and corruption directly related to land acquisitions along the rail line corridor. Some of those arrested were the chairman of the NLC, the Managing Director of Kenya Railways, officials in the Ministry of Lands, surveyors, evaluators, etc. We know many of these that have been arrested as they are ones that have been involved with all the workings of acquiring the properties along our route.

This is happening right at the very moment funding for all the land owners is in the process of being paid. In fact, we were informed that the land owners were to be paid this past Wed., Thursday and Friday.

This explains why the compensations have been so long in coming as we were to be paid last April, then by end of June, then no later than July 31. The investigations have been going on for some time and probably the reason this has slowed.

At the moment we do not know what all this means for us. The government may have alternate plans for payments as they knew what was coming or maybe they stop everything and start over with new people in place.

So as I write this, we may be paid next week, the week after that, September, October or before the end of the year. We are watching the news reports and talking to those we know within the government, banking, etc. that can give us any feel for what happens next. Due to so many delay, one possibility is that we may lose the property that we have secured as we are nearing the deadline for payment. This has been in God’s hands from the beginning and will continue to do so and we will continue to wait. The property must be paid for by August 29th.

I had asked you to stand with us in prayer about the evil forces at work and we believe God is answering those prayers. If the war on corruption will actually succeed and it is not repeated in the new changes then Kenya is the real winner here and this will do so much for the average Kenyan in the long run. In the big picture of things, Debbie and I are hopeful that the war against corruption will bring about such change and blessing to the nation. Even though this has and is affecting CMM, our staff, our plans, etc. we continue to believe that God has this.


Ministry Continues

At the moment we are carrying on business as usual as much as possible. This coming week Count Me In is holding their annual conference for youth at CMM. They are expecting 600 youth from all over Kenya. We are also doing a large regional meeting on Wednesday in eastern Kenya. We just sent out the container on Thursday loaded with approximately 14,000 Bibles and books, sound equipment, computers, etc. We named the container, ‘Abraham’…it is shipped by faith as we do not know where it will need to be delivered.


Save the Date for the Mission Barnabas Banquet:  Nov. 13

Whether or not all transactions in Kenya are done by November, we are having this year’s banquet!! The vision for Kenya, the pastors, training, materials, conferences, regional meetings, CMM staff, etc. is still alive and well and will be done. We are not sure what all will be presented this year, but I can guarantee you it will be powerful, directive, inspiring and challenging everyone for participation in something big! Follow this link to purchase tickets.


Continued Prayer and Encouragement

Debbie and I have been so encouraged and blessed by so many of you who have sent us Scriptures, words of encouragement, prayers, notes, extra gifts, etc. At the end of every month we are counting our pennies to make sure the CMM staff is paid. God has been faithful now for the past several months and extra giving has kept everyone paid. May God extend the borders of your tents.

We have heard from God through many of you and understand more than ever what ‘new every morning’ means. We are so grateful for so many friends.

Please continue to pray with us about this as we wait for this situation to be resolved. I will be headed back to Kenya within the next 10-14 days either way and we will take one day at a time.

Ronnie and Debbie