Our Saga Continues…

It has been awhile since our last update as we keep waiting until we have great news to share. However, we felt another update is in order to bring everyone up to speed where things stand with CMM, compensation for property and Mission Barnabas.

So much has been happening in the last month in dealing with all the pieces of the government taking our property for the railroad. Due to so much corruption in almost every arena involving this process, it has caused so many delays. We also decided a few weeks ago that we were to expose those that are trying to exhort money from us by going to the proper authorities that handle fraud, criminal activity, extortion, etc. In doing so it has caused no small uproar in many places and opened up a Pandora’s box of lawyer activity, documentation, interviews, courts, judges, etc. We do however, believe that after the dust settles on all of this that not only will we be paid all our compensation without losing a large amount to the crooks and cartel but that this type of corruption will be exposed and uprooted and will keep others in the future from losing millions of shillings of their rightfully due money.

Our situation has become a national story and we have been featured on most of the news media outlets and more is to come. At the present moment we believe we are close to receiving about 75% of our compensation amount while we challenge the remainder in court. The court process is underway, and we believe that we shall have victory here as well.

We still need your prayers and support. We have had to hire 24-hour armed security for Pastor Chola and are preparing to move his family to a new home along with other precautions. The threats and possible threats have been disconcerting, but God’s power and promises have been greater. We are also doing all in our power to make sure none of our staff has to be laid off for a period of time if this continues to be delayed. We are waiting as well to book the facility for an April leadership conference in Nairobi until we have secured our funds. To host a conference in a place that can handle our size group is costing 4-5 times what we can host at CMM. That difference is too great for the pastors and too large for MB to subsidize.

This will be resolved, hopefully very soon, and when it is over, we will be rebuilding an incredible facility and believe the ministry will double. We continue to receive applications for our Bible college and have already received enough applications to break even if we started now…wow! Now that all of Kenya knows who CMM is and what we are about we believe this will bring in a good number of more pastors for the training. Being on the national news is not the way we had planned for more exposure, but our name is now out there in a big way. The news reports have shown our entry with our signs/names; the banner on the pavilion ‘Touch the leaders, change the nation’ as well as our facilities. We believe an explosion awaits and when the dust settles, we win big time.

As many of you are aware, we lost the first piece of property that we were to buy for our new place. However, we have found several wonderful parcels in the same area and once we receive our first payment of funds, we will be purchasing one of these pieces.

Debbie and/or I will be returning to Kenya as soon as a couple of issues are settled, and it is safe to do so. We anticipate that this will happen in March and/or April.

Please continue your prayers and thanks so much for all the encouragement, Scriptures and exhortations that have kept us strong. We are all in this together and we shall all reap the fruits together.