The Latest from our Struggles in Kenya

Posted by on Apr 15, 2019

The Latest from our Struggles in Kenya

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing!

So much is happening in our situation in Kenya almost daily. We want to update everyone as often as possible to keep you in the loop of the recent developments. Things are not moving at the speed we wish they were but at some point, our breakthrough will happen.

We had felt that the last court hearing, April 8th, would give us something more definitive in our situation. However, the judge listened for a few minutes to the various lawyers and then scheduled for another hearing on April 25th. She told everyone to come next time ready to proceed (she has told everyone this the last 2 court sessions).

One thing that we did observe at Monday’s hearing is the EACC changed their mind (betrayed and lied to us), about their willingness for CMM to receive 75% of our award now while the rest is decided in the court hearings regarding the total compensation. They want the total compensation case to be decided before any funds are released. The judge will hear the arguments in regard to this, on April 25th and she will decide (our argument is strong). However, if she decides to only deal with the total compensation claim, then it could take several months before it would be decided. So, April 25th could be a pivotal day.

However, we are fast approaching an intersection of the railroad having to finish the work on our property and the train being ready for the President to ride August 1 (President stated last week that Phase 2 is to be completed by August 1). Something will have to give shortly as there are still 11 columns to build on our property plus the laying of the track, etc. We do not believe this will carry on for several months without any compensation but the track record from those we have been involved does not give us any assurances so we must plan accordingly.

We felt it was time to be more pro-active as well. We are re-opening CMM and planning meetings and conferences and not plan any move until we have money in the bank. We have learned that there is basically no one you can trust. We have been lied to, whipped around and taken advantage of. When working in a country with so much corruption and such instability, nothing can be believed until it is seen. So, we are taking a step of faith and will start our first phase of restoring CMM to full use. Until something positive happens we will continue to fully restore our facilities and plan ministry to the pastors.

Pastor Michael Rountree of Wellspring Church challenged several of us to increase our prayers and warfare by having 3 days of fasting and prayer. After he mentioned it, several people immediately committed to it. As it began to pick up steam, we set the dates for April 17-19 with each person deciding what type of fast (juice, just water, vegetables only, social media, etc.). We then decided to challenge the African pastors to join us and we are getting the word out now. We have set a goal of 100+ CMM supporters to fast and pray during this time prior to the April 25th court date. It is becoming a global “event” for a concentrated period of humbling ourselves before God and increasing our intercession for a breakthrough in the CMM situation.

We will have several areas ready by April 23rd as we are hosting a 1 day meeting for pastors to gather at CMM for a day of praise, prayer and updating the pastors on where we are and what all is happening. We are expecting a good attendance of pastors to join us as we share our unity and faith and cry out to God on behalf of CMM.

After we decided this, we booked a group of 120 leaders of April 23-25 at CMM. We are taking a leap of faith as it will take several thousand dollars (bank account looks a little sad at the moment) to put everything back in order as well as host a June conference and other meetings. It will also take a couple of months to rebuild our clientele but by August we should have groups and income.

I am returning to Kenya at the end of next week for a couple of weeks to speak to the pastors, meet with US Embassy officials, encourage our staff and look at future possibilities for property purchase. I am already so anticipating spending the day at CMM with the pastors and the powerful praise and worship and fellowship. We will continue what we are called to do in Kenya with the ministry to the pastors and will keep the main thing the main thing.

Will you join us in fasting and increased prayers on April 17-19? The pastors have been committing to us for these days and if you will join us and let us know, then everyone will be strengthened and encouraged as a good number of CMM supporters on both sides of the Atlantic are uniting in prayer and faith.

I must again say so many thanks to all of our supporters. It has been beyond the ordinary as God uses different ones of you to support, encourage and praying. Each time it looks like we will sink, another miracle happens, or someone sends a timely word. We could not keep going through this season without you. God richly bless each of you.

As I was just reminded, ‘God’s Got This’ and our victory will happen, and I guarantee you one of these latest updates will be “We’ve been paid”.

Ronnie and Debbie