The Money is in The Bank!

7 Days of Heaven

It is so great to be back in Kenya, being with our Kenya family and with so many of the pastors. The last 7 days have been heavenly.

Marriage Conference
Last Tuesday-Thursday noon we had 59 couples in attendance in Rift Valley for an exciting week teaching on marriage. Many of the couples were younger and they were all in every session and workshop. Several had traveled 20 miles to attend. We witnessed so many couples have joy return to their marriage as well as healing.

A New Era
Thursday afternoon we traveled to Kitale in Western Kenya for a 1-day regional meeting. At first we had planned for 300-350 but as the response grew, we rented a hall that seats 500 but then had to move outside into a large garden area under shaded trees as we had 730 pastors and leaders in attendance! What a special day for me and Debbie as this is the town that in 1966 while my father was visiting Kenya on a mission’s trip God spoke to him to bring his family back. Our family moved to Kitale 52 years ago and it is where it all started. On the way there, February 20, is when we received confirmation that the wire transfer for our payment was being prepared. While I was preaching on Friday, the confirmation came that the payment had been sent. The video is the response when we shared with the pastors. (Still wanting to see the money in our account but these were all good signs). Someone on our team felt that God was starting a new era with CMM that day. Since it all started in Kitale and we happen to be in Kitale when the ministry receives confirmation that we have been paid for the old facilities and funds coming to double our facilities and move to next level of the vision was quiet a moment for us. 02/20/2020…double, double and 20/20 Vision!

CMM Offices
Sunday I spoke at Destiny Chapel and then we got a tour of the temporary CMM offices and where all our things are stored. They had the “chairman’s office” all ready for me and it felt so special. We carry on while we rebuild.

Then came Monday!!!!
Pastor Chola stopped by our bank to check the CMM bank account. He asked for our balance. When the teller looked at the computer, he was startled and then began to count the digits to make sure he was reading it right. He had first written our current balance before checking for any deposits. Our current balance was $47.50. He then looked at any deposits and looked startled. AGAIN, he counted how many digits in the deposit to make sure he had it right. Pastor Chola watched him count 9 digits!!!!! Our compensation funds were in our account and available!! From that moment on that day became a blur….shouting, crying, laughing, shaking, hugging, more laughing and shouting, more hugging and ice cream!

Click the here to watch the pastors celebrating our good news!

What a Ride
Pastor Chola, John Magangi, Sam and I had to leave that afternoon for a 4-hour trip to eastern Kenya for another regional. That trip in our van was one of the greatest rides in Kenya yet. We planned, recalled experiences along the way, more laughing, made phone calls, at times someone just shouted…it was awesome.

Eastern Kenya
The next day we had 200 pastors in Kitui and it was another wonderful day with the pastors and doing what God called us here to do. When I finally got the mic away from Pastor Chola and John, I preached for 2 ½ hours (this is Kenya not America).

So very grateful!