We need your help!

In less than 2 weeks we will have our annual marriage conference at CMM (Better Together) July 17-20. As usual we are expecting another powerful life and marriage changing conference.

We make the conference as low cost as possible but due to a pastor bringing his wife, their transport costs, conference costs, leaving money at home while they are away, etc., it is very difficult for these pastors to have the funds to attend. Everyone so wants to attend but it is a great challenge. Pastors have written us letters asking for help and by faith we have already committed to several scholarships as we can’t refuse.

Some only need ½ scholarship while others need a full scholarship. Some travel from so far away that unless they receive help it is impossible due to 2 transport costs.

This year we also want to help 20 young pastors that are involved with over 11 church plants in the poorer sections of Nairobi. These churches are church plants out of Destiny Chapel (Pastor Chola and Kariz). They are working to bring all of their pastors.

The cost for a scholarship for a couple (or 2 half scholarships) is $49.00. This covers all their meals, accommodations and teaching materials. If you could help send a couple or several couples what a blessing this would be. Every year we ask for your help with scholarships and because of your response many couples are able to attend.

As they say here, ‘if your marriage is healed, your ministry is healed’. Will you help us heal more marriages and therefore produce better ministry?

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On behalf of many grateful pastors,

Ronnie & Debbie Matheny/CMM Team