What’s Been Going on with Ronnie?

Healed and Ready for the rest of 2017…..

A few days after Debbie and I returned from Kenya in April, I became ill. After a week or so of no improvement, total fatigue and worsening conditions, I saw my doctor. After a few tests a journey began of trying to determine what was the cause of my illness. This lasted about 4 weeks which included seeing 3 specialists, ultra sound, CAT scan, MRI, liver biopsy and giving many vials of blood for tests. The probable diagnosis went from hepatitis, malaria, auto immune hepatitis, gall bladder to liver issues. The doctors did not treat me with anything while they were determining the exact cause and problem.

During this time I improved my diet and stopped some of the possible meds, supplements, antibiotics, etc. that may have been part of the problem. Those that knew of my situation began to fervently pray for me along with Travis, Madeline and Clara anointing me with oil and praying. Debbie became my on call nurse, physician, dietician, encourager and asparagus soup maker. I slowly began to get my energy back after 3 weeks of moving from bed, to recliner, to sofa and back to bed.

After 3-4 weeks of all of the above, when I saw the specialist now over my case, I was feeling almost back to normal. He wanted me to continue for another 2 weeks and keep doing what I was doing. After 2 weeks the latest test results were in and I was so improved and everything back to normal and in some cases even better than before the sickness that he released me. The diagnosis had been liver injury from a myriad of things all happening at once that sent it into overload (my interpretation). He said all was well and return to Kenya and keep doing what I was doing. All of this without any medication, surgery, etc. Wow…the power of prayer along with eating healthier and watch what I put in my mouth.


This was not the way we had envisioned our trip to the States to turn out but in the process I have had a health transformation, more energy than before and we are back in Kenya and I feel like I can “run through a troop and leap over a wall”. I believe God used this to prepare me for all the ministry that lies ahead. It is so wonderful what all the doctors can do but it is utterly amazing to have the Great Physician on your case.

 Thanks for all those that prayed and gave me some great information to stay in good health.

A Full Summer on the Docket…

We believe these days will be impact-full days for the Kingdom of God and the church in East Africa. Please add these dates to your prayer calendar.

  • CMM Leadership Conference
    • June 19-21
    • Expecting several hundred leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania


  • National Leadership Summit
    • June 22
    • Expecting several thousand leaders from all over the nation as we teach on unity and how to guide the church through the upcoming elections. We will also have a special time of intercessory prayer by leaders from all the tribes for the nation of Kenya.


  • CMM Uganda Regional
    • June 29-30
    • Expecting 700 leaders from all over Uganda for 2 days of ministry in Kampala, Uganda.


  • On the Horizon
    • July 17-20th ~ Better Together marriage conference
    • September 11 ~ Launching of Bible College
    • Nov. 7 ~ Mission Barnabas Banquet
    • First floor structure of new dormitory to be completed
    • Over 40 guests from the States coming to help us


As I have stated many times before, we could not do this without you. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support of what God is doing in Africa!!

Ronnie and Debbie